Heaven on Earth

Video Challenge

In a time of so much uncertainty we invite you to come and play with us.  

Share Your Image of Heaven on Earth

How it works

Participating is simple and for everyone.   


Read the Heaven on Earth Questions (scroll down).  


We invite you to get in touch with what heaven on earth is for you by answering the 3 questions.  

Imagine heaven on earth existing now.


Record a short video of yourself answering the questions (max 3 mins).
Introduce yourself - name and, job & where you live

Do not repeat the questions, just record your answer to each of them.

End your video with 30 seconds to 1 minute of you doing one of your actions steps or a video clip of what your heaven on earth is. 


 Share on the Heaven on Earth Facebook group 

Use tags

#HeavenOnEarth #DayofAlchemy #VisionoftheFuture

Email the link to us at Whatisyourheavenonearth@gmail.com

Invite your

friends & family to join in. 

"When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it"

~ Paulo Coelho, author The Alchemist

Your Three Heaven on Earth Questions

Question 1

Recall a time when you experienced Heaven on Earth. What was happening?

Question 2

Imagine you have a magic wand and with it you can create Heaven on Earth.  What is Heaven on Earth for you?

Question 3

What simple, easy, concrete step(s) will you take in the next 24 hours to make Heaven on Earth real?

Video Challenge Samples
  • Jack Canfield answers the 3 Heaven on Earth questions.

  • Marianne Williamson answers the 3 Heaven on Earth questions.

  • Dr. John Gray answers the 3 Heaven on Earth questions.



Create a 3 minute (max) video​

Introduce yourself - Name, job, and where you live

Share your video on the Heaven on Earth Facebook group 

Next Steps

Other Options

Record a video on behalf of someone else with a story - Maybe someone who does not have the ability to film themselves but has a message worth spreading 

For example - Someone homeless, a young child

Same requirements as above 

Be a vessel, a storyteller for someone else 



Heaven on Earth is being organized by a small group of volunteers intending to change the world.  The format being used has been developed by Martin Rutte in his project and book Project Heaven on Earth. 

Martin Rutte grants  permission to use his 3 Heaven on Earth questions for this broadcast and he reserves all rights to these questions. 


More information on Project Heaven on Earth can be found at:  ProjectHeavenOnEarth.com, Martin Rutte’s book Project Heaven on Earth: The 3 simple 

questions that will help you change the world easily

is available on Amazon worldwide.

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Notice by entering this contest, you are hereby authorizing the use for this intended purpose to copyright and/or publish, reproduce or otherwise use my name, voice, and likeness in video, photographs, written materials, and audio-visual recordings.



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